German-Chinese High-Tech Alliance e.V.

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Providing members the opportunity to find competent, financially strong partners, and to gain market access in the respective other country.


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Educational delegation tours: bridging two countries by connecting organizations with their respective counterparts in China and Germany and encouraging them to learn from each other.


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We organize events, panel discussions, and networking events concerning innovation- and tech-related topics with economic outlook given by experts from specific industries as key note speakers.

About us

The German-Chinese High-Tech Alliance e.V. (GCHA) was established in 2018 by Chinese and German entrepreneurs in Frankfurt am Main. Its objectives are to develop, enhance, and improve the exchange, mutual understanding, and cooperation between scientists, entrepreneurs, startups, and corporates mainly in the fields of smart factory, AI, GreenTech, Life Science, FinTech, and e-mobility both from China and Germany.

News & Events

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