Entscheidende Tipps, um als Europäer in China Geschäfte zu machen

Seminar held both in Frankfurt, Tech Quartier and Darmstadt, Coolworking: Crucial tips for doing business in China as a Westener, Speaker: Jia Song, President of GCHA  e.V., and Fang Dong, senior manager of Minglabs GmbH, Shanghai


The Chinese economy experienced astonishing growth in the last few decades that catapulted the country to become the world’s largest economy by PPP (GDP) in 2018. Due to China’s fast-growing market and its billion-plus potential customers, many western companies are chasing the “China dream”. Yet, despite the massive market and potential growth opportunities, many foreign companies still fail. Often, the reason behind the failure is not the product or the service itself, but the lack of cultural awareness. If western companies continue to ignore the Chinese culture and adapting their businesses to local consumer behaviors and needs, they will continue to fail.

This seminar gave insights of Chinese cultural nuances which are essential to successfully establish businesses in the Chinese market.

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